Lorenzo Flores
DJ / Producer / Father / Husband / Leader / Host

This is the Life of Lozo podcast and I am your host Lorenzo Flores aka Dj Lozo aka lotothezo reppin' the Beat Brigade, Siknezz Records, the Drunken Monkey Clan, the Ambidextrous Turntable Fiends, Zer0 Thre3 Productions and Brothers in Tonearms!


I've learned a lot in life by getting to know, talking with, and debating the people I've met, and I'm looking forward to passing along some knowledge, inspiration and entertainment to all of you.


I've got all kinds of interests and a ton of questions so tune in for content ranging from leadership strategies to the 4 elements of hip hop to social media marketing to MMA to small business and start ups, to fashion, luxury watches and health and fitness. 


So if you're looking for some great convos, cool stories and an overall good time, listen to Life of Lozo every week and let me know what you think!

Thanks to my sponsors The Tailor Shop Inc, Rhyme Designs Clothing and Jax Nutrition!



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Episode 10 - GDOHH 1993